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Certification Benefits

Certification by an accredited independent third party body provides an assurance to customers that the claims that are being made by the customer can be substantiated. The regulations governing an accredited certification body, or Registrar, mean that the certificated customer has been rigorously audited to the standard(s) in question. Furthermore, ongoing audits, on a regular basis, provide further assurance that the customer, not only has a system, but that the system is being maintained. Customers who value certification often decide to display their approval by printing a recognized logo on their letterheads, brochures etc. The logo clearly advertises the credentials of the certified company. In addition, many certified customers volunteer to place their details, which include their scope of business, within various publications which potential purchasers of the customer can review, when selecting suppliers of goods and services. The experience, for any organization, of an external audit can bring a certain amount of pressure to bear upon the management and staff. As the business world appears to be ever more scrutinized by agencies appointed to regulate national and international rules and regulations, it is beneficial for those entities to assume a cooperative attitude. Cooperation with businesses provides a partnership that reduces stress and United's approach seeks, in all aspects of its service, to be as helpful as possible. The basis of this cooperation rests with: The auditor having an understanding and listening manner; which enables him/her to be sympathetic to the commercial pressures of modern business life. The auditor should concentrate on the significant aspects of the business, rather than "making a meal" of the more minor and incidental areas of certification. Administration support should be polite and provide immediate acknowledgment of the customer's concern, query etc., even if an answer cannot be given straight away. Certification costs should be reasonable, to reduce as much as possible the burden of additional expenditure that does not, in all cases, improve the "bottom-line. Above all, URS aims to ensure the certification process is as painless an affair as possible, with added value to the overall customer's systems and operation. Why Choose SHAMKRIS GLOBAL

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